Luck or Patience and Persistence

Four Leafed Clovers (image: Sarah Wagner)

Four Leafed Clovers (image: Sarah Wagner)

Happy St Patrick’s Day! It is St. Patrick’s Day and, while it may have inspired this post a little as everyone is posting four-leaf clovers and calling them Shamrocks but a true Shamrock only has 3 leaves and in the lore represents the holy trinity (christian or pagan depending on your source material). This post is about those four-leafed cousins

Some would say finding a single four leaf clover is incredibly lucky. I’m not sure what it is when the number is closer to 50.  The picture is of the ones I have in a baby food jar and not in frames, books, or given away.

I don’t think it’s luck for me. I don’t think much of my life has anything to do with luck – or at least not good luck. I can find a four leafed clover not because I’m lucky but because I’m patient, observant, and persistent. Plus, what else is there to do when you walk the dogs and they’re busy sniffing around and the cat isn’t speaking to you because you threw away his mole?

For me, it’s a good allegory for everything else – people think it’s luck but it’s just me being persistent. It’s not luck that landed me any of the publishers I’ve worked with – it’s me being persistent and patient and not giving up (and in one instance, it was knowing the right people who got me invited to submit – still not luck but networking).

Don’t wait for luck – go out an make your dreams come true. It is work, not luck, that gets you where you want to go. If you wait for luck, you might be waiting for a very long time.


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