Technological Melodrama Ahead

I like to say that I can kill any machine just by looking at it funny. Really though, I use my equipment often and for long periods of time and machines aren’t like people whose cells renew after a while. It’s only a matter of time before machines hiccup and sputter. Hiccup and sputter they do and have done. It’s probably a testament to the quality of the machines in my life that they put up with the long hours and rapidfire typing I inflict (not to mention weird research, constant scrolling, and the four computer games I actually play).

Today was a lost day because of said hiccup and sputtering. I’d so many good plans and instead I fought to find vanished files, to reset the ipod that itunes suddenly couldn’t recognize, and trying very hard not to pull my hair out as I had to sign in to everything that I have to sign into about thirty eight times. I know it’s really only part way through the day but I still have house stuff to at least pretend to attempt, dinner to make, kid to chauffeur, and Face Off to watch and recap. This post will be the most writing I actually accomplish today but every now and again I have days like that.

At least everything is all settled down now and I can be productive tomorrow.


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