It’s That Time of Year Again

April is again upon us. I imagine most people come into April looking forward to Spring, flowers, and beautiful weather. I love April (my birthday arrives, Steel City Con runs their April show, it’s beautiful out but the kids are still in school so I can get work done). I am less fond of having to explain why I will never support Autism Speaks over and over again.

If you’re new to me, to this blog, you might not know that my younger son is autistic. It is my hot-button issue. I don’t talk religion or politics in polite company or online. I don’t touch on much of anything controversial on this blog because it isn’t worth the aggravation for me to do so. Autism is too important to me and my family so this one and all the things that go with it I talk about, rant about, and maybe get a little bit het up about.

My son has his difficulties and his stims and sometimes his constant recitations of current internet memes get to be a bit much for me but he is awesome. I wouldn’t change him for anything. He can tell me the best route to take to get almost anywhere. He can tell you where various routes begin, end, and intersect each other. He can answer nearly any question you might have about Saturday Night Live (did you know that Steve Martin was not actually a cast member?). What does it matter if he won’t eat bread or his hands wiggle or he rocks?

There are so many good autism groups out there that I do not understand how anyone can support an organization that is a thinly disguised hate group. They are the only foundation I know that discounts, ignores, and dehumanizes the disenfranchised people they say they were founded to serve. Autism Speaks raises money not to help autistic people but to fund their swanky offices and lobby politicians and make horrible “documentaries” where caregivers talk about the urge to harm these kids with the kids in the damn room. People are going to have thoughts and feelings but for the love of everything, keep it away from kids!

This month, if you want to donate money to any Autism group – look them up, find someone local, or really look at the options out there. Please don’t give blindly to just anyone.

I have a lot of words to say about autism and I’ll probably be doing it a lot over the course of April as this is the month when schools do their fancy presentations and every other store is shilling for Autism Speaks and irking me something fierce in doing so.

I am trying to be the best advocate I can be for my son until such time as he can advocate for himself. I am trying to protect him from the harmful rhetoric out there that is telling him that he is broken, damaged, and less than the rest. I need for him to know that all that is bullshit. He is awesome and he absolutely gets to ignore anyone who tries to tell him otherwise.


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