Writing to Market

Every once in a while I come across a publication or anthology that just really looks interesting and I really want to write something for it. In a way, it’s the closest to something like Face Off that I’m going to get to do – now if only I could get myself a mentor! I am really intrigued by this concept but I’m really sort of struggling to get the ideas in my head to gel on paper, or screen in this case. This particular submission window is closing quickly, but I’ve still got time.

I find the process of creating to be fascinating. I always have. I think that’s a lot of why I enjoy writing and crafting so much – figuring out how to to do it so I get the final product to be what I envision is fun, frustrating, and occasionally infuriating. It’s also why I wish I had any ability with drawing/painting/sculpting sorts of things. I used to love watching my mother paint – watching as the canvas changed. She didn’t get many canvases finished because she didn’t really start painting until the last three or four years but there were a couple and one is unfinished but the drawing is there – or was the last time i saw it.

Right now, I’m in an infuriating spot with the creation of this strange little story. I know what I want the characters to be and what I need them to do but nothing is quite cooperating. I’m putting it to bed for the night and starting from scratch tomorrow. It works for my favorite Face Off contestants, maybe it’ll work for me too. Thankfully, my deadline for submitting is in a few weeks not a few days but the premise is still close enough. Tonight, I’ll mull it while I watch tattoo artists be awful to each other and then tomorrow I’ll crank the music and see what happens (fingers crossed that it’s good!).


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