Love Notes from the Universe

I woke up spitting mad this morning. It happens sometimes. Fortunately, the kids were being awesome. I’m the only little black rain cloud today. I had some plans that didn’t work out the way I wanted and I was just being all around snotty this morning. Even the music wasn’t helping and I put on my happy playlist and everything. Who can possibly resist bouncing to Walking on Sunshine? Apparently this morning’s Sarah.

Then I took the dogs out and got a visit and a reminder. The visit came in the form of our super tiny ruby-throated hummingbird that LOVES sitting in our lilac bush and he made me think of my mom, as he always does. He’s exactly the kind of hummingbird that she loved the most. There were times in my life when my mom was the only friend I had in the world and I miss her a lot and I needed to think of her today I think. The reminder made me a little sad but happy too. My Castiel has never been a climby cat but today, he got up on my shoulder while I was walking the dogs and reminded me of all my favorite shoulder sitters – Tang, Rasputin, Lotus, and Ender – all of whom I miss so much. I would totally be a crazy cat lady if my son wasn’t allergic and my husband wouldn’t have a conniption.

The rain cloud is still there but it is considerably lighter now. Besides, how can I be so upset when I’ve got a cover to share probably this afternoon (if you’re interested, find me on Instagram or Twitter). Eldercynne Rising is very nearly here!


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