The process of writing/rewriting, doing/redoing, making/remaking is something that fuels my personal creative process. My first drafts are OK, sometimes they’re even pretty good but it never fails that my second drafts are always better.

I had been posting practice paintings to my Instagram (and I’ll go back to that soon) but I haven’t the last few days because I’ve been more focused on getting a few book trailers put together for my books. I was a little upset at my first draft of the first trailer I’ve made in 6 years or so. It was definitely better than the ones I made years ago but there were flaws (that my husband and son were quick to point out). After I got over my pout (and I’m really good at having a pout when I want to be), I got back to work. I think it’s definitely turning out so much better than the first draft.

I think I’ll add it to my list of reminders to myself – always do a second draft. Hopefully, I’ll be done with it soon (and have a few beta viewers too) so I can post it here.


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