Old dogs and toddlers are pretty much the same

Old Dog

Old Dog

This is Champ. Champ is 15. He is my Old Dog and I love him but at the moment, he’s one of the most frustrating animals I’ve ever met in my life. He has taken to following me everywhere – even when it isn’t around the time I give him the meds for his arthritis. I trip over him pretty much every time I turn around. He is deteriorating a bit with age, which is to be expected.  He’s going deaf, getting rickety, and definitely getting senile.

This evening, I had to go down into the basement to flip the laundry and I never thought about closing the door behind me – Champ has been very reluctant to do stairs when he doesn’t have to since his arthritis really flared up. I started back up the stairs with laundry basket in hand and lo and behold, Old Dog is stuck on the stairs – butt sitting on the second step down, legs not working properly and growling and grumping all over the place.

What’s a mama with her hands full to do? I called for the Oldest Boy who got a treat to try and entice Old Dog to at least try to turn around but alas, back legs apparently just won’t do that. I hand the laundry over the dog to the boy and pick up half of Old Dog (thank goodness his front legs are good!). Once he was back on the landing, he got his land-legs back and didn’t have any more trouble than usual (for which I was quite grateful).

I don’t know how much longer we’ll have the Old Dog for but I’d like to keep him painfree and safe while we do so no more open stairs for him. I do wish I could figured out how to get him to quit following me for ten non-sleeping minutes because I worry about him hurting himself and I would really like to cook without worrying about falling over him.


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