Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Life is never exactly what you’d expect, day to day. You might wake up with a plan, a goal, an idea of how you want things to go but there are surprises, twists and turns, a little of the unexpected and then, maybe someone will chuck the kitchen sink at your head. In my case, the kitchen sink is generally of my own making. It doesn’t help that the sinks I’ve been facing are ones I had no way of preparing for. I haven’t figured out how to dodge the sinks yet but I think I’m getting better at taking the hits and dusting myself off.

I’m trying to get things back on track however and there are new things afoot – I’ll be opening a new part of my website very soon, I’m finishing up a couple of books, and making plans to get started on two more. I’m going to attempt to institute a work schedule starting Tuesday and hopefully that will help some.

If you have a sink to throw at me – try and get it in before Tuesday, if you would please.



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