Or not

Usually, by this time, my nanowrimo novel is well past half done and I’m not just excited about writing it but forget that there are things I really do need to do while I’m writing it. This year, it’s a bit more like drudgery. I like the images in my head, I even like the character, but this story is completely the wrong one or at least, how I’m going about it. Between that, the puppy, and making sure all my boys have clothes to wear and get fed, I don’t think I’m going to accomplish a win this year.

I’m not saying I won’t get a huge idea in the next day or two and bring it home, squeaking my way into a win by the skin of some poor character’s teeth, but it isn’t looking likely. I’m not giving up on this image in my head but I’m starting to think that maybe Crow Queen is a short story and nowhere near novel length. The beginning, yep. Solid. I just don’t think there’s anything past that.

If I manage to find the right story to write, I’ll get back to it but for this year, I don’t think it’s going to happen.


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