Time to Have The Talk

Probably not the one you think. I would just like to urge everyone to talk to their at risk loved ones about the scammers that call and try to tell you that their computer has a terrible virus and they need to pay them right now to fix it. If I hadn’t called at exactly the right moment, my stepmom might have bought it. They can be very convincing. Not only is that not how it works but, if she did have a virus or malware, we’d have that taken care of locally by people we know and trust. So, consider this a PSA, please talk to your at risk loved ones – anyone who might fall for a telephone based scammy scammer or a popup scammy scammer and put a plan in place so that they know what steps to take in the event of a virus. Even if they forget about the scams, they aren’t going to pay someone over the phone if they know to call your local fixitallperson first.

Seriously, why do people have to be awful to each other? It’s not like my poor stepmom hasn’t had enough to deal with this year.bah. I do hope karma has something to say to them eventually.



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2 responses to “Time to Have The Talk

  1. I’m seriously hoping my mother has learned her lesson. She’s been hit by a scammer before. She had gotten a sizeable settlement from a class action lawsuit and some guy showed up, promised to make sure her money “grew” and then took off with half her settlement. I didn’t know anything about it until a few years after the fact and I was like, Seriously mom? SERIOUSLY? WTF?


    • That’s the kind of thing I’m so scared of happening to my stepmom – she’s way too trusting. Granted, that’s one of the awesome things about her too. I just wish people could be more inclined to be better. I feel like this is one of those conversations I shouldn’t have to have.

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