Best Laid Plans

Today is a bit of a mixed bag – I got myself a compliment on my not quite day job, I made my very first Etsy sale (whoo-hoo!), and the upcoming lady’s night event got itself canceled. Which is fine, I’ll just put the stuff I was working on towards the Peach Festival in August and up on my Etsy. I have two new brick books (A Child’s Garden of Verses and The Secret Garden), a bunch of dragons egg pendants, and some vases. I also got a not quite rejection as the whole market sort of folded before it could get off the ground which is a shame because it looked interesting. Like I said, a mixed bag but one that’s definitely leaning toward the positive.

The day’s not over just yet but most of my evening has been earmarked for writing and spending time with my family. I’ve got a bit of an earworm story wise that I need to sort of see the shape of.


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