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I am still plugging along on Hunter’s Hell but I’m not counting on winning NaNoWriMo this year. The ideas are there and solid but the fingers are not quite cooperating the way I’d like. I’m about 10,000 words behind I think, give or take, but I haven’t started today’s words yet either. Even if I don’t manage to win, I’ll have a complete draft well before Christmas and that’s really what matters.

I went to my rheumy last week. I’m not entirely sure I like him yet – I’m definitely not really comfortable yet but I don’t really expect to be this early yet either. Fortunately, we are starting the process to drop the prednisone so hopefully, that means I’ll go back to having next to no panic attacks or crying jags in the middle of Kroger. He also upped the other med – but mostly it just makes me sleepy and a little forgetful and that’s not terrible. I’m having some increased pain in my hands but I expected that also so I’m not terribly worried about that either. It is what it is. I’d like to be closer to normal but I can’t make things happen any faster so there’s no point in being defeatist about it.

Next week is Thanksgiving here in the states. I am not looking forward to it this year. This will be the first year without my Dad and if I think of my mom most around Christmas and Halloween, I think of my dad around Thanksgiving and New Years. I’m not saying I”m going to start eating sauerkraut because ew, but I’ll be thinking about him and all his superstitions anyway on the first of the year. On Thanksgiving, I’ll be missing his sweet potato flambe for sure. It was my favorite from the time I was ten. I’m really glad my husband doesn’t really get it – really glad – but there’s a part of me that just wants to be miserable and maudlin and be left alone. That’s not how it’s going to work but that’s what I want to do.

I’m finding NaNoWriMo is a bit difficult this year without my cheering section calling to see how many words I’ve gotten. I don’t think I realized how much I appreciated having someone who was invested in my successes and failures and progresses.



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  1. Rebecca Miller

    (((huggles))) praying for you and here if you need to talk. My rhumy and I just had a talk how important it is to keep your hands busy, flaring or not. If you don’t push, even when it hurts, you’ll lose the mobility in them. One of the reasons I craft continuously. Hand sewing, crocheted, typing. These are all important to keep the joints moving and keeping them from freezing up. I know a couple women with mulations. That’s where the joints deteriorate and the fingers actually shrink back into the hands. One lady is in Australia with managed care and disabled. The other lives out west and had all the joints in her hands replaced (they can do that!) And was back to writing and being active with her hands!!! So, as frustrating as it gets…it does get better. Big thing with PA, if it hurts right now, hold on, it will move someplace else before too long and give you a break.

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    • I pretty much just type until I can’t anymore lol. I can’t knit (I’ve tried) and my crochet leaves a lot to be desired but I do try and keep them moving. I’m just having a really hard time adjusting I think. The disfigurements scare me a little but really, if I do what I’m told my understanding is I’ve got a good chance of not getting them so bad and who knows what they’ll come up with in the next 20 years! I know from the ladies in my support group that I’ve definitely got it a LOT easier than a lot of people with the same thing. This time next year, it’ll all be old hat 🙂 .


      • Rebecca Miller

        Oh, absolute. I wasn’t meaning you have to crochet, that’s just what I do and why.

        Oh heavens, the meds have changed so much just in the 20 years I’ve been diagnosed! When I was first diagnosed, methotrexate was the first thing I went on. I can’t tolerate the side effects of the pills, so I did injections. Then Kineret, which was a daily injection, which hurt like MAD! Then Enbril for 10 years. I’m on Humera now, injection every other week. Now, there is zeljams, orencia, and about a dozen meds!!! There was just 3 when I was diagnosed! Enbril, Remicad (an infusion), and another that was infusion. That was it! Now, there are several dmards that are oral!!! Not just injectables! So many possibilities now!

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      • I”m tolerating the methotrexate very well so far but I know that’s no guarantee for the long term. Injections make me nervous because needles but if that’s how it runs later on, it is what it is ;).

        I like the idea of knitting and crochet, I just can’t make it work. I want to try felting – not needle but nuno felting – it just looks so neat! And I have a ideas I want to try with cherry blossoms and galaxies.


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