It’s happening again

I’m going to rant a bit about Doctor Who – not the show so much but the fans. During the last regeneration, some fans were in an uproar because the Doctor was going to be old again and strange, very severe looking. Now, some fans are in an uproar because the Doctor is a woman. I was so sad to see Capaldi go – he is my second favorite Doctor (though 9 might have been if he’d had more than just that first season). I cried more than I should admit to and not just because of my prednisone. It’s always like losing a friend when they go.

I don’t understand this backlash against a female Doctor. I’m not one for gender swapping for the sake of gender swapping on the whole but this is a different animal. This is a character who changes faces like some characters change hairstyles. It’s not like logic and timey wimey stuff play well together in the first place. The greatest thing about the Doctor is that, no matter the face, the clothes, the evolution of the character, it’s still those same two hearts beating inside.

The only Doctor I’ve ever boycotted was #5 and that was because I was 6 years old and heartbroken. I want nothing more than for Whittaker to succeed in her role. I want her to have multiple seasons. I want to cry as much when she leaves as I did for Capaldi.

I have friends who watch Doctor Who that I don’t talk about Who with because I don’t understand where they’re coming from when they speak of boycots and get upset because the centuries old character is going to look old. I don’t understand all the Smith fangirls but he does have my all time absolute favorite episode to his face. I like it when Doctor Who is more about the Doctor and not the companions who travel with him. I don’t want another Clara Show or Amy is Mean and everyone falls all over themselves for her anyway. I want to watch this amazing character do amazing things and grow and change and be incredible.

I liked how they set up the transition – how far the Doctor has come from that first incarnation. How he is still the same character he’s always been, will always be, regardless of pronoun. My only hope is that they eventually give her a wardrobe that I would actually like to wear as I cannot wear pants like that.



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4 responses to “It’s happening again

  1. I’ve tried to keep up via watching it online in various places over the years but I quit watching after Capaldi became The Doctor because I just couldn’t stand him. Something about him made me want to punch him in the face. IDK. Maybe it’s because in my head, he sorta resembles the guy who plays House and I HATE House.


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