Writing Wedesday – Recharging

Sometimes you come to a point where writing becomes more job than passion. I love my stories but I love them more when I’m enthralled with the process. For me, taking some time to recharge makes all the difference. I’ll set aside the writing and not worry about it and spend some time reading books, making other kinds of art, and just trying to gather all that wonderful energy up again. Sometimes I’ll pick up a fluff book, a bit of fun brain floss. Not today though – today I’m reading a really fun book that I’ll review in a day or two when I’m finished. If it stays the way the first quarter has been, it might be my favorite book I’ve read so far this year. Sometimes I’ll pick up a paintbrush or a bit of fabric (I have three projects like that that I’m preparing for in pieces). Sometimes I just want to binge watch something scary or fantastic.

Writing is my favorite thing but sometimes, my work is better if I take a few days to do something else. I’m having a bit of a recharge right now but I don’t expect it’ll last super long, maybe not even all of today. I won’t know until I’ve read a bit more and caught up on Killing Eve (super good so far btw) and watched a bit more Blue Exorcist so my friend and I can write up a proper review. I need to make myself a better schedule so I can get to all the things I want to do as well as all the things I need to do. Maybe get a timer for my router or block certain websites for certain hours of the day – it’s so easy to fall down that particular time suck (but somehow I don’t count internet surfing as recharging, it’s less brain floss and more like brain junk food).


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