Writer Wednesday: Prompts and Inspiration

It happens to everyone eventually. They want to write but don’t know where to start. Maybe it’s writer’s block, maybe it’s something a little less frustrating like having too many ideas at once or just wanting to stretch new creative muscles a bit. Sometimes, you just want a new direction and I’ve got a few prompt techniques that I like to use when I’m in need of a little writing yoga.

  1. Tarot Pull – It might help if you have your own deck but you really don’t need it. Google daily tarot card if you don’t have a deck of your own or pull a random card if you do. Use that card’s meaning to create a character or a story.
  2. Unsolved Crimes – there are a lot of them and some of the old mysteries are really interesting. Write a solution for your favorite one. Don’t know any unsolved crimes? There’s webpages for that! 10 mysterious deaths. The old TV show had plenty of them too, here’s a list of 10 of those.
  3. Writing to Market – Sometimes a publisher will put out a new anthology with a very specific idea of what they want. This is doubly effective as there is usually a deadline involved also – Lovecraftian (due dec 31), Forgotten Sidekicks/Unexpected Heroines/Forgotten Gods (due Nov 30)
  4. If you’re on Pinterest, search writer’s prompts and you’ll find a ton of them.
  5. While you’re on Pinterest anyway – do a search for art on a topic you’re passionate about or interested in and tell the story of the images you find.
  6. Fairy tales have long been used to keep children in line, tell a Grimm style tale about some more modern parenting issue.

There are infinite stories waiting to be told a new way, your way. Good luck, happy writing!

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