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Of Comics, Conventions, and Peopling

Over the weekend, the family and I went to the 3 Rivers Comicon. The people who run it were nice enough to give me a press dealio and recommendation on a panel to make sure I went to. I did. It was awesome and I have a new series to read out of it too! I discovered that there’s a girl’s comic discussion group too – I may even try to attend in person sometime down the road. I got to meet a writer/artist who was part of one of the series that I loved in high school (even if I didn’t realize it was based in comics until much later in life, now I have most of the series in really beautiful, collector condition. I’m missing the last 12 but I’ll find them!). For most of my response and reaction to that, check out my post over at The Geek Girl Project.

The comics part of it, the neat art, the neat stuff, the artists and writers – all of that is really awesome but for me, the best part was that I peopled really freaking well – I talked to people I didn’t know about things I’m passionate about (even if one of those conversations had nothing to do with comics at all but interesting rocks. Did you know there’s a whole zen-like thing devoted to interesting bits of rock? Suiseki is a real thing I didn’t know about before. My most interesting rocks are generally kept on brass stands but I might have to look at some wooden ones eventually.). I know for most people, actually managing to talk to people without being an idiot is not a noteworthy thing and I am still quite hopeful that someday it won’t be notable for me either. It might actually happen if I have more days like yesterday. But I count yesterday as a huge win in the Sarah Successfully Peoples column so, suck it anxiety!

My fingers were not completely cooperative (one awesome lady at a geek girl brunch organization was kind enough to fill out a mailing list form as my handwriting was being atrocious in that moment) and my foot whined a lot but really, I didn’t come home half as sort or hurty as I usually do from spending a day at a convention or fair. I think some of that was definitely that my meds are really working better and I’ve been able to move more and better which makes it so I do move more and better and it’s a wonderful cycle of healing and getting better (and I’m so grateful for that!). I did absolutely need my cane by the end of it and I was moving pretty slowly but it could have been (and has been in the past) so much worse!

So I’m home, recharged, refreshed, and ready to work. Someday, I would love to create comics but ultimately, I think what I’m doing now, the books that I’ve got, that I’m working on, that’s what I’m supposed to be doing.


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Lucky Girl

I am an incredibly lucky girl to have met and married a guy who gets me. He doesn’t always understand and sometimes he thinks I’m pretty silly but, where it matters most to me, he absolutely gets me. There are some people who I have never met but who have effected me in ways that probably sound pretty silly to people who aren’t dorks/geeks/nerds – whatever title they choose on any given day. For my birthday this year, I now own two of their autographs. One is pretty much the best present I’ve ever been given by anyone ever and totally made me cry. I’m fairly certain that there is no way that my husband can ever top this birthday.

As of today, I’ve met two of the three actors who ever actually scared me and both were so kind and sweet. I doubt very much that I’ll ever get to meet the third but two out of three is pretty damned awesome. Jump scare type things may startle me, but it takes a great deal to scare me and the first time I watched Candyman, I covered all the mirrors in my room for almost a month.

Tony Todd is really wonderful. Youngest son was waiting with me in the autograph line and pretty much on the edge of the convention being too much for him. He was stimming maybe the hardest I’ve seen him outside our house – but Mr. Todd took it all in stride, talked to him, and kidlet even handed him the squid he carries everywhere which sounds odd but is a great honor.

The Steel City Con is crowded (less today as it’s friday) and there are a ton of people and things to see. It could easily be overwhelming but the people there – the vendors, the artists, the stars – they’re all super kind and awesome and it makes going there fun (even if I always come home with too much stuff!).



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As long as the weather, my oncoming sinus issue (I can feel it settling in), and the kids cooperate, I’ll be getting to see Deadpool this weekend. I can’t tell you how excited I am. I’ve been waiting on this one since they screwed him up so so very badly in the X-Men. I’ve been excited since the “leaked” test footage I shared a few years ago (as did everyone else). I would say it’s been years since I’ve been this excited for a movie but that’s not true. I love movies and get pretty excited for them, especially if there are spectacularly choreographed fight scenes and beautiful explosions and big surly antiheroes. I’m not a big fan of the movies I’m supposed to like, being a female in her mid-30’s with children, go figure.

My oldest child is very mad at me because I won’t take him with me. If, after we see it, we decide that Mr. Teenager is ready for the movie, then that’s one thing but he’s 15 and I need to see these things first for myself. I know he’s mature enough for most things. He’s taking a film studies class right now and they’ve watched a bevy of movies that probably push him maturity limits but that’s a whole different blog post I may get to at some point soon. In part, I want to see it for myself to make sure and give the proper approval. But if I’m honest, I really just don’t want to take my teenager on my husband’s and my Valentine date even if it probably will be a matinee.

I know there are parents planning to take their kids (so far 12 is the lowest age I’ve heard first hand) and I truly hope if ANY of them complain, the studio, the theaters, and everyone involved do nothing but laugh at them. They were warned. This is not the Avengers. Deadpool is not a character for children. They should be made to sign a paper prior to buying tickets for these kids that they wave the right to complain about inappropriate content. People planning to take their kids haven’t read much of the comics. My oldest has read some of them but the series we are reading through at the moment is a bit less dark and super funny and I think that’s what he’s expecting. Yes, there will be the kind of humor the boy and I get a kick out of but I have a feeling from the story line that it’s going to be a bit darker than the Dead Presidents line was.

Things I am expecting: Some mention of keeping his mouth shut or a visual reference to the mistreatment of Deadpool. Superb breakage of the 4th wall. Stunning visual feast of a fight scene. The best Stan Lee cameo to date.

If you’ve seen it, I don’t want to hear about it until Sunday. I want to find out for myself.


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Webcomic Wednesday – Wilde Life

My taste in reading material, fictional or not, is very mythology heavy. Mythology, theology, and philosophy are pretty much my favorite topics. It’s what draws me in about fairy tales, paranormal, urban fantasy, high fantasy, and all that. It’s why I love Supernatural and Gabriel Knight and a list of others four miles long. It’s why I write the stories I write (firm believer of the write what you want to read advise). Recently I happened upon a new (to me) webcomic. I happened upon it because I accidentally clicked on the wrong place on one of the webcomics I read MWF.

It’s got a little bit of everything – haunted houses, ghosts, werewolves, subtle nods to other, older myths (baba yaga *ahem*) done so subtly that if you don’t know the myth you might miss it, and there are some little, and not so little, nods to some of the stories my children loved when they were little too. I started reading it at 8:10 am on Monday and I got a little caught up so I read straight through and now I’m a little sad I have to wait days for the next page. It’s now solidly in my list of Read Mes though. If you like ghosts, werewolves, skeptics, and a guy who appears to be the most calm, put together hero I’ve come across in a while, you’ll like Wilde Life.


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Offsetting lows with awesome

Today, Terry Pratchett died. It doesn’t have the same effect on me as Leonard Nimoy’s passing, but it does make me quite sad. It seems to me we’re losing someone great every month and I’m hoping the trend will stop now.

To offset the sad, I want to pass along the best thing I’ve seen today. I also want to note that it is things like this (and Chris Pratt and Chris Evans and their trip to hospitals) that make me love the superhero genre even more. People may view these movies, the source material as subpar but not me. I love comics and I love superheroes. Now, if we can just convince a few billionaires that we need a Batman or a Green Arrow. I’d say we need an Iron Man but I don’t think anyone could top Robert Downey Jr.


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The Crow

I recently reread the original graphic novel by James O’Barr. I watched the movie years and years ago when it first came out. I’ve watched it on pretty much every format it’s been available on. I owned it on VHS and DVD both. It resonated with me deeply in ways I didn’t quite  understand until I was older – a bit like Dune did.

I am about to compare the two pieces. This will mean spoilers if you haven’t read it or watched it. I realize it’s not the sort of thing that everyone likes or gets, but it is well worth both reading and watching. Both are disturbing in their own ways, both are poignant and beautiful and dark. Obviously, I really enjoy The Crow. If you read past this, don’t blame me for spoiling things.

As far as comparing the two, it’s interesting. Both are excellent, awesome things in their own right. There are some differences, but I think there had to be, especially with the girl. Sherry in the comic, Sara in the movie. She was given a far bigger role in the movie than she had in the comic but it was a way to tie it all together. Having someone who knew Eric in life and after gave us a sense of continuity. It also allowed us to immediately trust the sole good cop in the whole movie (split between two cops in the comic without going into depth really with either of them).

There were bigger changes than that. The biggest change is that the movie gave the bad guys a motive for the crime against Eric and Shelly. In the comic, it’s more of a wrong place and wrong time sort of thing than a mission oriented crime. In the movie, the gang of thugs sets upon them for a reason, they were not random targets. I am undecided on this change. It takes away from the senselessness of the crimes that brought Eric back as the avenging angel he is.

The additional characters brought in made the movie richer but their absence does not effect the comic at all. It is the same story. The finale is a little less drama-filled but that doesn’t mean the comic was less than the film in any way.

The rest of the differences were visual, the setting made darker, more dismal with the backdrop of fire and anarchy. It worked very well for the film. And I was overjoyed to discover that all of my favorite lines of dialogue came directly from the comic.

I’m not sure how I feel about a remake of the film at this point. I want Hollywood to find original material. We haven’t had a She-Hulk movie or a Wonder Woman movie yet. Or Lady Death (I would so watch that). There are plenty of comics that haven’t been done that they need to quit mucking with the ones that have. The original movie, despite the differences from the source material, was incredible. From what I’ve read, they’re wanting to stick closer to the source material but, as much as I enjoyed the comic, I think the choices made for the movie worked for that movie with the tone and sound and feel of it. I don’t want to see it messed up and Hollywood seems to love messing up things I love.


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Took Me Long Enough – Watchmen

I watched the movie years ago and enjoyed it. I bought the full glossy graphic novel for my brother that Christmas but I never got one for myself. Barnes and Noble had a sale and I saw it available for my Nook. It’s one of those things I’d been meaning to read for a long time and just hadn’t gotten around to it. Now I’ve read it and I am very glad I did.

It does belong on those lists of things people ought to read. And it cements Rorschach as one of my favorite characters ever. I do like to think of alternatives to his ending, like maybe the nonlinear Dr. Manhattan doesn’t rip his atoms apart but merely moves him some time into the future where humanity is back to normal, bickering amongst each other and in need of some masked heroes. Because that time will surely come and probably more quickly than it should. Ozymandias may have understood humanity – in the short term – but it won’t last. The peace is artificial and, at some point, when enough time passes without incident, it will be a fluke, not an invasion. It is a short term solution at best.

When I first saw the movie, I thought Jackie Earl Haley did a fabulous job as Rorschach. Now, having read the book, I can’t see anyone else doing half as good a job in that role. Also, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the Comedian was a brilliant bit of casting. The rest seem pretty interchangeable to me – the actors did excellent jobs but really, it could have been almost any decent actor in those roles. Except Ozymandias. He just wasn’t as “larger than life” as his graphic novel counterpart. But that’s all set dressing and of little importance.

Now, back to my regularly scheduled Hellblazer and the much too long list of books I want to read. Next up, Richard Kadrey’s Metrophage. I know I’m way late in reading it but I discovered Kadrey through his Sandman Slim books (so awesome) and I need a fix between now and when the new Sandman Slim novel so I’m giving this one a shot.

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All my favorite characters are jerks

The news that not only is Deadpool going to have his own movie (yay!) but that Ryan Reynolds will be Deadpool has me all sorts of twitterpated. There’s not a better word for my feelings on the subject than that. It got me thinking a little bit though. All of my favorite characters are utter jerks – even if they mean well and/or are working for the good guys.

Constantine airs tonight and I’ve been loving the show (and the small bit of the comics I’ve read) so far but the character is not a happy, touchy feely kind of guy. He excels at many things but mostly being an ass. Dean Winchester is undoubtedly a good guy but he can also be a jerk (though he’s probably the least jerkish on my list). Riddick, Wolverine, Blade, Punisher, Rorschack, Sandman Slim edges more into the Winchester territory as he’s quite as dickish as the rest of them.

I do not know what draws me to this type of character. Maybe it has something to do with redemption and the room for growth in the character. Maybe it’s just more fun to watch or read. Maybe it doesn’t really matter because as long as writers keep introducing these kind of characters, I’ll keep reading them, watching them, waiting for more of them.

Do you have a favorite jerk of a character? Tell me in the comments!


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So there was some footage, now taken down, and it was just test footage and it was old. I know all these things. I also know that I would watch the hell out of that movie. I imagine the footage is still out there somewhere – this is the Internet after all – but I’m not going to go in search of it mostly because whatever I link to will likely be taken down before too long. The point is – there’s a slim (ok, infinitesimal) chance this “release” of the test footage was looking to gauge interest. If that’s the case, I want to throw my voice into the mix because I really want the movie to be made. I also want the movie to be made by anyone but the people who ruined Deadpool in Origins. I’d love for them to keep Reynolds as Deadpool. I certainly trust Reynolds to do Deadpool right a whole lot more than I trust Batfleck, but that’s another rant.

The list of interesting things I’d like to see made into movies is incredibly long and unlikely to happen but there’s still some hope for Deadpool. I would love to see Wonder Woman in a movie of her own. I would love to see a proper Neuromancer, Sandman Slim, or Raven (but not the Teen Titans version). I love comic book movies – even the bad ones – but I’d love to see some of the female characters headlining their own movie and not being secondary or tertiary to the male characters.

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Webcomic Wednesday – Girl Genius

I love comics in all their forms but not all comics. There are some fabulous ones I’ve found online and I’d like to share them. It won’t be every Wednesday but, when it happens, it will be on Wednesday. Mostly because I love alliteration.

Today’s spotlight shall be shined upon the steampunky fabulousness that is Girl Genius.

When I first came across Girl Genius, I was immediately intrigued by the lead – a girl inventor! Exactly my kind of story. Over the next several days, in bits and pieces, I read the entire thing from the beginning. All the expectations I had based on the first panel I saw were fulfilled and then some.

Agatha is smart, resourceful, and self-reliant. She is also occasionally clumsy, mouthy, and not, as some strong female characters are, just a man with breasts. The secondary and tertiary characters are fun, well thought out, and useful. Though it does take a few times to adjust to the Jaggers speech patterns (or it did for me). The art is beautifully done and the concepts are awesome but, for me, that is secondary to the plot.

I’m always looking forward to the next page.

I do recommend reading it from the beginning. If you jump in where it’s at now, there’s a lot you won’t understand about what’s currently going on in the story. Girl Genius. New pages go online on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


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