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If it’s not one thing…

It’s a hundred others.

My legs and feet seem to be more or less back to normal (for me – I’ve always had issues with the one knee). Now it’s my hands. Bah. It is quite difficult to type right now but the more I work through it, the more limber my fingers get so I’ll keep plugging (in fits and starts). I just want to be up to par by Sunday – when my next craft fair is. I’ve been enjoying these, believe it or not.

I did all right, especially considering the less than favorable weather and my necessary early exit – the knee just wasn’t going to cooperate anymore.

This Sunday, I’ll be in Weirton at the Italian Festival at the SerbianĀ picnic grounds if all goes well and the weather looks pretty favorable so far (fingers crossed they stay that way.


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Summer is Weird

By the time I get the schedule figured out to do all the things I need to be doing, school will be back in session. That’s ok. We’ll have fun. The youngest is ready to go hunt Pokemon again. The oldest is being a teenager (but at least he’s not half as teenagery as I was). I’m working on a few new crafty things but I really don’t like how they’re turning out just yet so it’s back to sewing machine with me. I’m working on a new book that I like very much. I’m doing a lot of figuring though – between the colony ships, timelines, and a whole new set of mythologies to work up, most of the work so far has been in my head. Well, technically it was in a notebook but Alfred decided I took too long at the bus stop one morning and now that notebook is gone.

It’s been really hard to be productive this year. I find myself all the time wishing I could send a few pages to my dad so he could tell me if it made any sort of sense at all. It was a huge benefit for me to have someone who didn’t read fiction reading my fiction. If something wasn’t explained adequately enough, he was quick to let me know so I could do better. And he was always supportive. He never tried to get me to write a different “Gendre” (that’s genre with a random D in it? I don’t get it either but now I miss it). He certainly tried to get me to read more nonfiction but he was only supportive with the writing. It’s weird knowing I don’t have that anymore. Yes, my family is supportive in their own way – mostly, that they let me do it without too many interruptions but it’s not the same thing as having someone who makes a point to ask if you’ve gotten any words on the daily. It’s stupid because that irritated me when I was struggling to write and now, I miss it terribly.

I can’t just stop everything though, can I? not if I want to reach the goals I set for myself. And I’m going to reach them. It may take me another 20 years but, so be it. I’ll get there. I’m doing a marathon, not a sprint. And now I have to go write someone else’s obituary. šŸ˜¦ RIP to Adam West.

And now I have to go write someone else’s obituary over at the Geek Girl Project. šŸ˜¦ RIP to Adam West.

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Nesting Dragon

It’s done. I’ve done it. After however many years of hemming and hawing over it, I do now have an Etsy shop. Nesting Dragon.Ā I’m not quite done with it and I will probably continue to tweak it for the entirety of its existence. I’m never quite happy with things, you know. I still have some things to put up – my bottlecap magnets and such but I need to get some better pictures of them. For today, my priority is working on a cover and logo type thing but it is up and functioning. I think. I’m happy to get suggestions for the layout, the setup etc. This is a huge first for me.

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Post-Craft Fair

So, I’m home and (mostly) unloaded with an ouchieĀ knee and tired feet but I’m very happy with the overall results of the day. I cannot begin to tell you all how relieved I am to have this first event out of the way! I was far more nervous than I probably needed to be but I didn’t have any panic attacks and I peopled pretty well and I didn’t even get sarcastic once! You could say that today was a pretty big deal.

It probably helps that my friend was at the table next to me.

I went in with absolutely no expectations, which I think was very helpful. I talked to a bunch of people, I sold a few books, a few boxes, a few bookmarks, an Alice in Wonderland inspired miniature topiary, and a few magnets and I bought myself a pretty octopus bracelet. I came out way ahead on the day and I’m actually even looking forward to doing it again. I’m calling today a win all over – not just for my goals but for me in general. I really did expect to have trouble with the people part of it.

For those of you playing along at home, you’ve still got a short bit of time to enter the contest to win one of my books!


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Craft Fair

Craft and Vendor show at the Holiday Inn in Weirton

Tomorrow I’ll be going to my first craft fair armed with books, business cards, and some rather geeky crafty type stuff. If you’re able to get to Weirton, you should come by and say hello!

I’ve got copies of Hunter’s Crossing, Eldercynne Rising, Hardwired Humanity, Guardian of the Gods, Sha’Daa: Tales of the Apocalypse, Sha’Daa: Pawns, Sha’Daa Facets, Sha’Daa: Last Call, and Chicken Soup for the Soul: Grieving and Recovery. I also have two poetry samplers,Ā one of fantasy and horror poems and one of more literary type poems.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been making other things also. Some salvaged comic crafts, some Nazgul,Ā a few sorting hats, a couple of pinhead hearts, and some things that are very different for me. I’ve got a trio of fabric face sculptures: Shadow, Lucy, and Nimue. I kind of like them and I’m not sure I’m not keeping Shadow.

If you can’t make it to Weirton to see me in person, not to worry! Come back here tomorrow for the details on how to win a book!

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A little hiatus

Watercolor of a fox for a card. (Image: Sarah Wagner)

Watercolor of a fox for a card. (Image: Sarah Wagner)

I took a little break from the social part of the internet for a bit because I needed a bit of a refueling. Sometimes that happens. I took the time to day dream, to paint, to garden, to binge some really bad movies and some good ones, and otherwise be a useless lump of me. Sometimes I need that. Deep down, I’m really a hermit – I very much value my alone time. I know it’s weird, I’m told so often, but I do my best creating after these sorts of breaks.

As for the little fox there – I did a card for a baby shower several weeks ago. He’s a little disproportionate but he’s cute anyway! I’m trying to practice more, to get better at the more visual artsy stuff. I’m crafty but my artistic skill is lacking a bit (or a lot, depending). I figure if I keep trying for the next ten – fifteen years, maybe I’ll get good enough to draw some of the things I see in my head when I’m writing. A girl can dream anyway.

I’m working on several things (as usual) but I’m most pleased with the poetry thing. It has been a really long time for me and poetry but I enjoy it – reading it, listening to it, and creating it and I’m having fun with it. But – I’m not talking too much about it until I finish it and find it a home. Ā There are some very interesting things coming up over the next few weeks though – a special guest, a special event, a giveaway, and maybe an announcement or two. A very exciting time indeed.


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Mama Made

As promised: This year’s mama made gifts for the boys. And I discovered that the 14 year old will never again squeal like a little girl – puberty has made his voice pretty non-squeally and that saddens me.

Anyway – both of these things are pretty easy but also pretty time consuming. I’m probably going to do a “how-to” for the Geek Girl Project sometime in the near future. The Sorting hat now belongs to oldest child. The Pipe Piranha (Mario) belongs to the youngest. Side note – The sorting hat talks!

Sorting Hat

Sorting Hat

Paper Mache Pipe Piranha

Paper Mache Pipe Piranha

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Almost to the fun part

I’m just about done with the decorating part of Christmas. I just have the dining room table and the village to put up. Due to decorating day being so late this year, I’m a bit behind schedule but, I should hopefully get it done today. Then I get to Ā move on to the next fun part!

Every year, I do my best to make things for those closest to me. I am struggling a bit to figure out what to make this year though. I do ornaments for the kids, usually something a bit on the geeky side. I’ve done Mario mushrooms, a dalek, a teenage mutant ninja turtle head, and Peppa Pig (for the youngest). This year, I’m not sure what to do! I thought about maybe doing the insignia of each kid’s favorite superhero (so, the Flash, Batman, and maybe Spiderman for the nephew). If I’m careful, those should be easy enough but I’m not quite sold on it yet. I might do tiny sonic screwdrivers for my kids but nephew doesn’t watch Doctor Who so I’d have to think of something else for him. I could also do Star Trek but again, would have to think of something else for the nephew. I’m very frustrated because I want to do something neat but I have to make sure it’s something I can actually do as well. My mom was the artist in the family, not me.

I have ideas for the holiday makings for the women in the family, but not the men so much. I’m the only geeky one in the family (except for my kids) so most of the stuff I would think of is immediately crossed off the list. Last year, I did a lot with my woodburner (including an eagle globe and anchor plaque for the husband – eagle feathers quickly became the bane of my existence). So, men out there reading this – ideas would be helpful! We’ve also done bbq rubs and thumbprint ornaments already.

When I was little, it was not unusual for my mom to make quite a lot of my presents and, as an adult, those gifts have always been the ones I think about when I remember Christmases past. We also made a lot of things for other people – soaps, candies, candles and the like. I loved Making Days as much as Baking Days. If my mom were still around, making something for her would be easy – something Trek or Who. Apparently, I need to work a little harder to get everyone on board the geek-wagon. It would make Making Day so much easier!


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Halloween things!

This is one of my favorite times of year, when I get to pull out all my boxes of spooky, creepy, and cute Halloween things and make new ones! When I was younger, my mom and I used to make a lot of Halloween decorations and gifts for people. It’s a very fond memory of mine. It’s a little harder to do that with my kids as neither has the patience and neither likes to get messy and it seems I am incapable of making things without making a mess.

This week, I made something for the Geek Girl Project blog. I think, if my mom was here, it probably would have come out a bit differently but mostly because she was the one with all the artistic ability. She’d have made the Witch King’s flail out of clay or paper mache. And she probably would have been able to make the glorious face mask piece which I did not even attempt.

I have a couple of other crafty things coming up (after I finish them anyway) but this one is pretty neat. And easy. If I can do it, anyone can. Click on him to get directions.DIY Nazgul


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Dr Who Box

Every Christmas, I like to make presents for people. It’s one of the lovely traditions passed down from my mother. This year, my youngest child asked for an “info quality box” which I have zero clue what that is and I imagine he got the words from one of the websites he likes to visit. So, I came up with something that could fit that description and, once I’d made one for the youngest, I made one for the oldest.

The youngest child’s box is all Pittsburgh Penguins but the oldest child is currently most obsessed with Dr Who.

Supplies: one plain, unstained wood box (I got mine at Walmart). Woodburner. Stain. Template – computer, ink jet printer, paper, good pencil.

1. using your computer and ink jet printer, design and print your template so that it is a mirror image.

2. Place template, ink side down, on wooden surface. Using your pencil, rub the back of the paper hard. This will transfer the inkjet ink onto the wood.

3. Using your woodburner, go over the template.

4. Stain the wood and allow to dry.

Finished product looks like this:

2014-07-08 11.19.06 2014-07-08 11.19.15

It helps that oldest kid’s initials are DW. I put a little gallifreyan on the rear side of the box for snarfs and giggles.


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