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Feeling Like Myself

For the first time in like a year really. I’ve had a pretty good week this week. I’ve gotten a LOT of words written, I sent out a set of poems, I made a dent in Mt. Laundry, read two multi-chapter volumes of a manga series (Blue Exorcist), a how-to manual, and I even made some art and put some new things into the Etsy shop. I think my one foot is just always going to be sort of sore now but I went up the stairs like I used to, before all this started! I had bloodwork done and didn’t bruise like it sometimes does, my meds didn’t make me the least bit ill, and I found out that I’ve been using one of my camera lenses wrong from the first moment I got it in 1993.

I’m mostly trying to stay busy because when I’m busy, I don’t obsess over the submissions I have out and I also don’t feel the need to munch and snack all the time. When I’m not snacking, I’m much better at losing weight. It’ll be different when I can really move better but I think that’s going to take time before I’m at that place.

I have a lot on the list of things I want to do and I’m working on it, slowly but surely. Ultimately, the goal has always been the same – I want to write a book that really matters to someone. I’ve had a lot of books that mattered to me and I want to give that to someone else. I want to make art that moves people and things that people want to have in their homes on display. If I can do that while feeling almost human? Even better!


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April Wrap Up and May Goals

Happy May!

So, April wasn’t exactly as productive as I’d wanted it to be but I did take some time off to recharge a little and I’m still having memory issues so, I’m not actually disappointed in myself. In fact, I’m pretty happy with myself.

Submissions sent in April: 2

Total words written in April: 20056

Days missed: 12

Art projects completed: 1

I might have more missed days than last month and fewer words but I have more submissions sent, more art finished, and I went to a convention and had a few family days in there too. Maybe I’m not where I want to be but it’s still more than it could be!

Goals for May: I’d like to double that word count. Actually, I’d like to double all the things except for the days missed, that one I’d like to halve. I also have an upcoming interview, figuring out this summer’s craft fair schedule (I’m definitely doing at least one!), and other neat and interesting things. I’m going to end up with another category that I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to quantify – it’s art but it’s different than my crafty art, it’s something else and I hope to do some really interesting things with it. But I don’t want to talk about it too much before I figure out if I can actually do it well enough to show it off.

Health wise, I’m doing pretty good. I have one foot that just always hates me but the rest of me is getting really good at compensating for that foot (and I have a really neat cane for when I can’t). My levels are leveling out but not quite where they’re supposed to be yet. We’re giving it a few more weeks before adding or changing stuff. I hope it just settles out. I don’t want to get used to a whole new set of side effects when the worst I have now is the memory issues (as long as I’m drinking enough water anyway).

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Craft Fair

Craft and Vendor show at the Holiday Inn in Weirton

Tomorrow I’ll be going to my first craft fair armed with books, business cards, and some rather geeky crafty type stuff. If you’re able to get to Weirton, you should come by and say hello!

I’ve got copies of Hunter’s Crossing, Eldercynne Rising, Hardwired Humanity, Guardian of the Gods, Sha’Daa: Tales of the Apocalypse, Sha’Daa: Pawns, Sha’Daa Facets, Sha’Daa: Last Call, and Chicken Soup for the Soul: Grieving and Recovery. I also have two poetry samplers, one of fantasy and horror poems and one of more literary type poems.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been making other things also. Some salvaged comic crafts, some Nazgul, a few sorting hats, a couple of pinhead hearts, and some things that are very different for me. I’ve got a trio of fabric face sculptures: Shadow, Lucy, and Nimue. I kind of like them and I’m not sure I’m not keeping Shadow.

If you can’t make it to Weirton to see me in person, not to worry! Come back here tomorrow for the details on how to win a book!

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The value of art

I had a conversation with a friend yesterday that prompted this post. Basically, it boils down to this – some people don’t understand the value of art in all its forms. Writers, painters, sculptors, musicians, designers, all of those who produce art of whatever kind. It seems to me a great many people who are not involved in art consistently undervalue both the final product and the people who create it.

I’m going to use the example easiest for me to quantify. Say there’s a painting you like but you don’t think it’s worth any more than say $20. Except that painting took the artist six hours to paint. Valuing that painting at $20 is telling the artist that their time is only worth $3.33 an hour. You wouldn’t work a job for that, would you? Fortunately, artists do what they do because they love doing it. Unfortunately, some of those artists are likely willing to let that painting go for $20 just because they want their work to be loved, to be seen.

For those who have no experience producing art, being driven to produce art, it’s easy to tell a painter or a writer that they should just get a real job if their work doesn’t pay the bills, but art is real work. It is hard, it is draining, it is fulfilling. If artists didn’t love what they do, they wouldn’t do it. It isn’t like working a regular job – there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to sell a piece in the first place, let alone make a profit on it. I could spend one or two hundred hours on a book that ends up in my trunk, never to see the light of day (and I have – those first few books are not good but were incredibly useful in learning what works and what doesn’t). I don’t really know many artists who don’t have to work a “regular” job or depend on their spouses to get by month to month. It does limit the projects they can take and the deadlines they can successfully make.

There is a very good example of what I’m trying, in my bumbling way, to explain. There’s a writer who set up a kickstarter in order to be able to focus on writing her book and she has been vilified for acknowledging that she would be using some of that money for *gasp* bills! Like she has to do if she wants to meet the deadline. She could have gotten a regular job, written the book in those few scarce hours of “free time” (if she doesn’t have kids), and then focused on publishing it but she wanted to make the book available much sooner than that and having the money to pay the bills while she focused on creating that book was part of it. Someone explained it much better than I can here. The whole issue is very frustrating for me.

The value of art is more than the sum of the time, supplies, and talent to produce it. Art makes us feel, makes us think, inspires us to be better. How do you go about putting a monetary value on that? Remember, next time you’re buying a book, a painting, a handcrafted piece of jewelry or clothing. Why are art and artists worth less than your latte? Why are we so willing to spend $5 on something that takes at most five minutes to make and balk at spending that same $5 on something that took months, if not years, to complete?

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