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With as ick as this year has been, I think I’d like to head in to the end of year wrap up with some of the things I’m thankful for this year.

I’m thankful for my husband who is, if you read any momming boards, a unicorn.

I’m thankful for my children who are awesome and very nearly unicorns themselves. THey’ve both been extra helpful this year, done so well in school, and I really couldn’t ask for better kids.

I’m thankful for good doctors who listened to me, believed me, and did their level best to get all my ridiculous issues under control – even if we aren’t there yet.

I’m thankful for all the neat gadgets and gizmos that exist in the now to help with all the stupid things I struggle doing now.

As this year finally draws to a close, what are you thankful for this year?


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2016 in Review

It’s been a year. Which is probably the best thing that can be said for it. Sure, there have been some ups but overall, there’s a shadow over this year for me that just won’t let the light shine down on it.

Like many people, I lost several of my idols this year. I went through a bit of a downswing early in the year with my depression and that had some slightly more lasting effects than usual. There were some upheavals with my career, my house, and some stresses in the family that are likely mostly par for the course, maybe. We lost our OldDog who was a good dog and maybe the smartest dog I’ve ever known.

But there were good things too.

Eldercynne Rising came out. I love this universe and am so glad I get to play in it – the Arachwie are by far my favorite of my created peoples, even more so than the Jaffine.

I got my Alfred. I am a cat person. I am not a dog person. Don’t get me wrong, I love all animals but dogs are not really my cuppa. We’ve always had dogs because my husband and children are definitely dog people. I am an Alfred people. I’ve never had dog that I really really adored until now. I don’t even mind that he smells like dog! No one has ever been happier to see me in my life – and I’m including my children.

I’ve lost 50 pounds (thanks, Pokemon Go and MyFitnessPal). An old friend reminded me that people can be totally awesome for no reason whatsoever (thanks, Becky – you are awesome and totally made my kid’s Christmas!). My kids have been doing great in school and everything. Several times this year, I’ve managed to people without making an ass of myself. I have only had three little panic attacks this ENTIRE year and none of them were debilitating enough to do much more than give me a headache.

All right, so there was maybe more good than bad, or at least, bigger good than bad. It just feels like there has been so much loss this year. This Christmas was harder for me than usual. Everything has made me think of my mother and how much she would have enjoyed my children. I don’t have words to properly explain it. I blame Brad Garrett and his singing Frankenstein’s Monster because that’s where all my weepy started this year.

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2015 Wrap Up

I’m definitely glad to see the end of this year. These days between Christmas and New Years are pretty much always a time to reflect on the year. This year has not been my worst year ever, though some moments came close. This year has not been my best year ever, though some moments were pretty close. I’m ready to get off this roller coaster and on to the next one. Hopefully this next roller coaster has more ups than downs.

Amidst the ick, there was some really great. Hunter’s Crossing came out (if you read it, please review it). Eldercynne Rising was accepted and the first round of edits are turned in (I’ll let you know when it’s getting released but maybe it’ll be another Happy Birthday to me present). The Sha’daa books are still awesome (again, if you read them, please review them). My dad is still around and getting back to being his usual self. And I probably won’t be without an oven for too much longer. Old dog is also still around, going deaf, blind, and senile but here to be under my feet. So basically, most of my ick is fixable ick. That’s better than a lot of people can say about this year.

I am hopeful for 2016. I’m hoping I get to write all the things I want to write, see all the movies I want to see *ahem* Deadpool! *ahem*, make, bake, and cook all the things I want to make, bake, and cook. Maybe this will be the year I find something I’m good at that will help me contribute something more to the world than a handful of stories.


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