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If it’s not one thing…

It’s a hundred others.

My legs and feet seem to be more or less back to normal (for me – I’ve always had issues with the one knee). Now it’s my hands. Bah. It is quite difficult to type right now but the more I work through it, the more limber my fingers get so I’ll keep plugging (in fits and starts). I just want to be up to par by Sunday – when my next craft fair is. I’ve been enjoying these, believe it or not.

I did all right, especially considering the less than favorable weather and my necessary early exit – the knee just wasn’t going to cooperate anymore.

This Sunday, I’ll be in Weirton at the Italian Festival at the Serbian picnic grounds if all goes well and the weather looks pretty favorable so far (fingers crossed they stay that way.

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Monsters and Mayhem


Fall 1997's Threshold containing my first ever published story.

Fall 1997’s Threshold containing my first ever published story.

I love writing about myths, monsters, and the mayhem they leave in their wake. Which, if you’ve read Hunter’s Crossing, Guardian of the Gods or Eldercynne Rising, should be pretty clear. All the main characters are monster hunters in their own way.


I’ve been writing about monsters from the very beginning.

My first few non-school lit-mag publications were all in the same local zine. And technically, the first fiction in that school lit-mag was monster related too – she was a Scottish death goddess, yes, but very much a monster. Apart from her, I started with vampires like any good Poppy Z Brite and Anne Rice fan. A tragic, miserable vampire in his last moments before committing suicide by sunrise because his love is dead.

At the time of its publication, I hadn’t even met my husband yet so it is under my maiden name but, I think there are only a handful of publications under McBride. I was young and the writing definitely shows it. It’s all very purple and flowery and very different from the style I’ve grown into in the last two decades.

My first fiction publication (1997).

My first fiction publication (1997).

I have always been a mythology junkie. I’ve read up on the mythology from all over the world. Mythology speaks to the primal part of me, the stories still waiting to be told that live in my brain. I cut my literary teeth on the old Grimm fairy tales and all the books I could get my hands on about Greek, Roman, Scottish, Irish, and Native American mythology. Later I’d find Japanese, Chinese, and Mongolian myths.

Not all of my monsters are actually monsters – Leilani’s BFF is a very old vampire after all – but I do love a good monster. I like to find more obscure creatures or, on occasion, create my own entirely.

We all know vampires, werewolves, fairies, elves, and djinn but what about Kitsune or an aswang (and yes, that one is just super fun to say)? Old school sirens, harpies, and Russian style mermaids. There are so many neat mythological critters out there that sometimes I  wonder what it is about the vampires and werewolves that draw us all in so. Probably because, at least on the most basic level, nearly all cultures have something similar to a vampire or a werewolf.

Do you have a favorite underused monster? Something you’d like to see in a future story?


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Upcoming Events

Hunter's Crossing by Sarah Wagner from Boroughs Publishing Group

Hunter’s Crossing by Sarah Wagner from Boroughs Publishing Group

Next week, I’ll be participating in a Facebook party celebrating the release of awesome author Brooklyn Ann’s book, Unleashing Desire. I’ll be online from 10 – 10:30 PM EST so come along and ask me questions about my books, Hunter’s Crossing and Eldercynne Rising or anything else you’d like to chat about!



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Hunter’s Crossing

I’ve been working on this for a bit and want to share it.


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Reading & Writing

Peas in my garden

Peas in my garden

My ‘Read Me’ pile is getting to be bigger than my ‘Write Me’ pile. I’ve been split in several directions of late – trying to fit reading, writing, watching, and playing with the kids in with caring for the garden, breaking up all the various arguments of said children, trying to learn to paint, and doing promo stuff for my preciouses. There are not enough hours in my day! Even more so on days when I get sucked down the rabbit hole that is the internet where all manner of interesting things are waiting to be researched.

At the moment, I’m binge reading Fullmetal Alchemist. I’m through the first few volumes and I’m honestly glad I didn’t read it before watching the series – I would have been much more disappointed with the anime by comparison. I think I’m on vol 9 of 27 so I’ve got a long way to go.

I’m also remembering why I haven’t made any book trailers in a very long time – holy moly they’re time consuming. But, at least the ones I’m working on now should be better than the ones I’ve done before (I should hope so!). I’m hoping to have the first one done tomorrow and all four done in two weeks or so, depending on how elaborate I feel like being. One of them is going to be incredibly simple because there is zero chance I can make any images look right with my meager photoshop and painting skills – totally my fault for writing a heroic fantasy adventure set on very foreign type worlds and the space between them.

I’m working on my psychics and serial killers book as well as the sequel for Hunter’s Crossing. Both are going well but they need finished so I can finish everything else in the pipeline too! And I should probably get back to actual work here or I’ll never get anything done.

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Giveaways and Online Parties!

Today I’m participating in an online party with my publisher, Boroughs Publishing! It’s on Facebook and there are a lot of fun authors giving away books and such. I’m going to be doing the same very soon! My time slot is from 4:30 – 5PM est but it is running now and will be for the rest of the day. I’m giving away two digital copies of Hunter’s Crossing and, if someone uses one of the five magic words, there will be a special something as well. I do hope you’ll come!

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All things Book

I’m currently reading a great book (or two), writing what I hope will be a good book, and thinking about a new book to follow Hunter’s Crossing.

A few weeks ago I went to Steel City Con and was quite enamored of Doug Bradley. If you read my blog or follow The Geek Girl Project at all, you probably already know that I’m also a bit obsessed with movie magic, especially the makeups. Doug Bradley wrote a book: Behind the Mask of the Horror Actor. All about masks. And it is really wonderful. Apparently, it was also a lecture at one point and I really wish I’d been able to attend it. In my head, I hear much of the narrative in his voice anyway but attending in person would have been great fun and very interesting.

A few days ago, I participated in my first ever Facebook book release party. I’m not exactly sure how successful it was, but it was fun.  This event was for the release of the latest in a series of shared world anthologies, Sha’Daa: Facets. I really rather like my story in this book. Granted, I’ve really liked all the stories I’ve written for the Sha’Daa series so far. I still think my personal favorite is in Sha’Daa: Tales of the Apocalypse. The Boy Without Words hits a little close to home maybe, even if the boy in the story’s autism is much more severe than my sons.

Hunter’s Crossing now officially has a print edition as well! It’ll be another day or so before it is up on Amazon but it is available right this moment HERE. Hardwired Humanity also has a print edition. I need to see about getting Guardian of the Gods formatted but maybe soon!

Now, I should probably get back to work. This year has been really great for me but it took a lot of work to get it there. If I work just a little harder, maybe next year will be even better.

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Today is the day! Hunter’s Crossing is here!

Hunter's Crossing by Sarah Wagner from Boroughs Publishing Group

Hunter’s Crossing by Sarah Wagner from Boroughs Publishing Group

It’s a very good day today for me. My book, Hunter’s Crossing is available! This book was a lot of fun to write and I really hope I get the chance to revisit some of these characters. Leilani Scott is probably one of my favorite characters if only because she’s got moxy, grit, and attitude.

To save the world from a demon apocalypse, hunter Leilani Scott and sorcerer Blake Pratt will have to risk everything: their lives, their souls, and their newfound love.


Hunter Leilani Scott hasn’t been on the job long, but she knows an uptick in monster attacks can’t mean anything good for humanity. The powers responsible for protecting the borders can’t—or won’t—put a stop to it. In fact, the only person willing to believe her is sorcerer Blake Pratt. Distrustful of anyone or anything not entirely human, and certain the handsome magic-user knows more than he’s telling her, Lei senses they’ll have to act as one as she crosses into realms where human life is forbidden. She and Blake will risk everything—their lives, their souls, and their newfound love—to fight an army of demons to stop an apocalypse.

You can pick it up via Boroughs Publishing Group‘s website and Amazon. Barnes and Noble and Apple may take a few extra days but it should be available there as well soon enough.

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It figures

With all the good things happening in the next week to ten days, I had to have a day of awful. That’s just how it works. Yesterday was that day for me. I woke up feeling awful, the barometric pressure shift made youngest child super extra cranky, the oldest child made things a bit worse with thoughtlessness and it just was an all around no good very bad day. But, I’m on the mend today and the kids are happier for it. I may not be running at 100% yet but I will be by Saturday and that’s what is currently important to me.

Saturday we get to do cool stuff and have some fun as a family. Monday I’ll officially be another year older with no where near enough gray to do anything fun with. Tuesday. Tuesday April 14th is the big day! Release Day! Hunter’s Crossing, my kick-ass lady saves the world story will be out in the world. I can’t help but be excited. I really hope everyone who reads it finds something in it they can enjoy.

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So Excited

It’s nearly here! I have seen the cover, I’ve turned in all my edits, and now I just have to figure out some fun things to do on the approaching Release Day for Hunter’s Crossing.

A few years ago, Hunter’s Crossing was just a line of an idea I sat down with for Nanowrimo. At the top of my desk on a post-it note when I sat down on November first were the words: “Kick-ass girl chasing monsters, saving the world, and finding her guy.” When you boil down the story to the most basic elements, the final product was pretty close to what I was going for.

Over the coming few days (days!) I’m probably going to post quite a lot about it. I just hope readers enjoy the book as much I enjoyed writing it.

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