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Book Review: Noelle by Emily Mims

Noelle by Emily Mims

It’s that time of year! Christmas movies are playing nonstop on a number of TV channels, Christmas music is on just as many radio stations, and, best of all, new Christmas books come out! I adore Christmas – usually I’m too busy to read my Christmas books until after Christmas but I’m making a couple of exceptions this year and Noelle is one of them.

This isn’t your normal Christmas book – it’s less about Christmas and more set at Christmas with a few of the trappings but not overly so. There’s a nice balance between some of the more uncomfortable topics and the sweet finding family story that it is. At its heart, Noelle is a romance – new love blooming from old roots against the odds.

There are topics and themes in this book that aren’t generally found in happy Christmas stories and it handles them with grace and dignity. The book touches on rape and the worst kind of bigotry without glossing it over or in any way apologizing for calling it out and pointing it out as what it is – blind hatred, no matter the foundation.

The ending was earned the hard way and the journey to get there was enjoyable. I was swept up and lost myself in its pages very quickly. I think I might have to go find some of the other books in the series.

All in all – 5 of 5 stars.

The writing is solid, even when delving into some pretty heavy dialect. The plot is quick paced and involved. It touches on big, deep topics without getting slogged down or preachy. There’s music involved and that’s almost always a plus as music is one of my favorite things – I didn’t know any of these songs as I don’t care for country music, but the emotion was understood.

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From the cover:



Five years after his wife fled with their baby daughter, Ike finally finds them and truths he never thought he’d have to face before finding real love.


When Ike Jeffries married Cassandra Siler he believed in their future, and he couldn’t wait to meet their daughter, born on Christmas Eve. What should have been a blessed event turned into a nightmare when Cassie disappeared with their baby girl. With a hardened heart, Ike finds them five long years later and learns that everything he thought he knew about his wife and child was a lie.


Cassie Jeffries loved her husband with all her heart. But after the birth of their daughter she discovered a horrible truth about the child that forced her to run for their lives. Crisscrossing the country until she found a new home, Cassie knew she’d done the right thing until Ike found them and demanded answers she wasn’t prepared to share. But life has a way of giving you what you need, and Cassie and her daughter needed the family they had left behind, even if it meant fighting for what was right, and for what she’d forsaken all those years ago.


I hope you enjoy the book too!


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Christmas in Bear Ridge!

Christmas in Bear Ridge by Sarah Wagner from Boroughs Publishing Group


Bear Ridge is the cutest little town that no one can remember. It gathers magic like faerie dust to a wand, especially at Christmas. Toni Bell hasn’t believed in magic since her parents died. She’s been on her own for more than a decade, driving from town to town, job to job, gig to gig, living out of her truck turned tiny home, making a point to never get attached. She’s on her way to the West Coast for New Year’s Eve, and plans to be on the road for Christmas, hoping to avoid the heartache being reminded of how alone she is brings. But a wrong turn, a loose dog, and a bollard pole change her world.


Stuck in Bear Ridge until her truck can be fixed, Toni decides to make the best of it only to discover everything she’s ever wanted, and never dared to wish for, were all within her grasp. Nicodemus Panait makes her want to believe in magic, miracles, and Christmas, but she’s afraid that all he offers will prove too good to be true. Nico knows what his forever looks like, but he has only until Christmas to make Toni see it too. Fortunately, he has fate and love on his side.


Christmas in Bear Ridge is coming very soon – just in time for an early Christmas present! I’m going to be doing a couple of giveaways and such soon too so, stay tuned!

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A Bit of Good News

This month has been quite the roller coaster. The downs were really low but the ups are pretty darn high!

Christmas In Bear Ridge will be coming this holiday season from Boroughs Publishing Group! I really like this story but it is something a bit different for me. All the myth and magic and romance and, somehow, nobody gets themselves murdered. There are a lot of parts that I really love and I can’t wait for people to get a chance to read it! You should meet Death’s favorite psychopomp too.

Seriously, this book has everything (and it takes everything in me NOT to hear that in Stefan’s voice), so, watch this space for release dates and such!

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